Welcome to Man of the Internet or MOTI for short.

MOTI is a view of the world from a random man who learnt how to type letters and stuff on the internet who things that some of the stuff that I have experienced will be of some degree of "funny" for somebody else to read. Well that's the aim at least!

What to expect? 
Errm, well to be honest who knows. The world is an odd place and I will keep writing about my experiences when and where they happen. I'll try and keep to a regular schedule but like everybody life gets busy and I may only make one or two a month.

Who is MOTI?
Best keep that one to my self but lets just say I was born in the age of the internet (that will narrow it down from the late 80's to now) in the UK. I'm just a pretty average bloke who likes to create content for others that might bring some entertainment to the consumer of the "content".

I hope you like what I have made and keep checking back for more sporadic outbursts of rage and real life oddities to come in the future.

Mic drop 🎤🠟
MOTI out. 🚪


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