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It is cold! ❄

  Well it is that time of year again, the skies darken early, nobody can be bothered to go outside, the weather forecast makes you wonder why we did not learn to hibernate and hide away. For these who are not from the fine isles of Great Britain there is one thing that you will work out very quickly on your first visit, everybody talks about the weather. This is the way we break up the awkward silence and start with a bit of small talk. What is the only thing that everybody is experiencing at the same time and can be used as a sure fire way to start a conversation, well it is the current weather. During winter there is no exception to this, its cold wet and horrible what better conversation starter do you need? In one normal average day, I had a chain of people telling me how cold it is outside from the postman and the checkout operator in the petrol station to the receptionist at work and my colleagues. All that everybody mentioned was how cold it is! My other half has a habit of

Why are there still mince pies here!

Finally, the festive period is finally over and we can all return to a sense of normality without having that fat man dressed in red who has a thing for breaking in to houses via the least effective method possible printed on absolutely everything we buy this time of year. But wait what is that hanging out in the back of the cupboard hanging out with that pot of yeast you were so going to make break with a year or two ago. Hang on a second that is bloody full-unopened box of mince pies! I had a quieter Christmas this year because if for some reason you are not aware there is still a pandemic floating around with a new variant to share for all! For some reason, which I still cannot understand, I managed to buy enough food to feed double whom we are hosting on the big day. It seems what this was especially the case with those little pastry covered delights. In a lack of judgment, I have managed to collect way too many packets while totally forgetting that my guests are not all that f

Back to the office after Christmas 🏢

I am one of the lucky ones that has a bit of time off work between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It is all well and good but there are two first world problems that I dread when coming back in to the office. Firstly one being actually coming back to the office after having a bit of paid time off and the second being all the irritating conversations you get asked a million times a day by everybody you bump all with the same theme about what you got up to and “did you have a good Christmas”! I don’t know about you but the first few times you are asked are not at all testing and in fact it was nice to have a chat with somebody other than my household for a change, when the same question is asked in quick succession on the other hand, oh boy does it get tiring. I think the worst incident of this so far has been talking to somebody in a small office. This office might as well be a broom cupboard so anybody occupying the room can hear everything said. So when you finish your pointless Ch