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Unnecessary tight trousers

I guess this all stems from fashion, something which I know nothing at all about so probably should have no say about this topic but a rant must be allowed to vent in to the wild. I just can’t understand why somebody would wear unnecessary tight trousers almost painted on to your skin and even more so, as I will explain below, if you’re a bloke! Could it be something as simple as a mistake when washing them causing them to shrink? That must be it, setting the washing machine too hot easy mistake to make I guess, but why still wear them? The only logical reason I can think of would be because it’s the only pair of trousers he has either because of finances or the rest are in the wash (let’s hope that the temperature is set correctly this time) and he is heading off to buy a new pair from the shops. I guess it is better than walking around without them I guess… I think the police would be happier not getting reports of a inadequately dressed individual causing a scene every five minute

8 out of 10 dentists recommend 🦷

I like to stock up when I go shopping, mainly because I hate shopping and generally social interaction unless entirely necessary. If you have an option where you can get a six months or a years’ worth in one go leading to you not have to return for an extended period of time that sounds like a win for me! My toothpaste supplies have been dwindling over the past few days to critical levels so it be best I head out in to yonder leaving my empty stock pile cupboards and venture once more into the fray of the outdoors in my epic quest to gather more supplies, where will this adventure take me to… to Tesco, pretty sure that’s a hobbit over there. Upon browsing the many isles of plentiful items for sale I noticed something that intrigued me, why do all the toothpastes have this mentioned in some form or another “8 out of 10 dentists recommend this product”. Is this just me or does this all seem a bit odd to you? Why would I want to take a recommendation from a dentist who makes money whe