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Oh I wish it could be Christmas…

Seasonal blog post at Christmas with a negative undertone, oh how original… To be fair I do not hate Christmas but rather I don’t like all the marketing and being forced to do something. I’m more of a free spirit who can’t be controlled, told what to do or tamed, what’s that dear you want me to put the decorations up, can it wait for a bit?, no OK I’ll do it now… fuck! Starting on one of the two big issues with the whole Christmas thing is all the crap every shop and business has to pump out no stop for the whole of November and December enticing you to purchase from them. As if this Christmas deal it the best there ever has been since you know the last bloody sale that was exactly the same just not branded with a snowman and a few floating snowflakes. Supermarkets sweet Jesus (no offence around your birthday), how many bloody brussels sprouts does one need for 19p (looking at you Tesco). Right as you walk in the door you are almost punched square in the face with the pallet lo

TikTok, WTF even is this?

Now being somebody who has grown up in the age of the internet and witnessed all the mightily social media giants from their earliest days of conception to watching some of them fall to the land of lost to memories I can happily say I have seen it all. That was until TikTok reared its ugly head, TikTok is something else! There has always been attention-seeking individuals before the age of technology but platforms like YouTube and Twitch have given them centre stage in front of millions of people. We have all seen content lacking vlogging video of some socialite in sun soaked California just keep waffling on about this and that to which will have added no value to the watchers life what so ever. TikTok on the other hand just seems to be full of self-centred morons sharing their life as if they are royalty while dancing and acting like some forgotten “Z” list singer lip-syncing on MTV. For all those who have not ventured in to this new-fangled social media fear not for I have done i