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Kittens are arseholes

  A new addition to the Man of the Internet household, a small fluffy kitten.  While being adorably cute and acting a bit of a moron while he grows up and finds his feet and explores the world around him we have made the shocking discovery, kittens are arseholes! We have a dog and did put in the research in to how we should introduce them. We read all the books and have taken all the necessary precautions to aid there smooth integration together. However, there is one thing that nobody ever tells you no matter the sauce of information “cats are little bastards”. As soon as they were both together and things looked like they were going well the bloody cat started hissing in my arms towards the dog. If you want to imagine the sound think a flock of swans with their young at a tranquil lake all hissing at you with the volume on max then you will have some idea of that the cat sounded like. The dog’s reaction “yeah about this, nope I’m out of here. Good luck guys” while walking with a de