8 out of 10 dentists recommend 🦷


I like to stock up when I go shopping, mainly because I hate shopping and generally social interaction unless entirely necessary. If you have an option where you can get a six months or a years’ worth in one go leading to you not have to return for an extended period of time that sounds like a win for me!

My toothpaste supplies have been dwindling over the past few days to critical levels so it be best I head out in to yonder leaving my empty stock pile cupboards and venture once more into the fray of the outdoors in my epic quest to gather more supplies, where will this adventure take me to… to Tesco, pretty sure that’s a hobbit over there.

Upon browsing the many isles of plentiful items for sale I noticed something that intrigued me, why do all the toothpastes have this mentioned in some form or another “8 out of 10 dentists recommend this product”. Is this just me or does this all seem a bit odd to you? Why would I want to take a recommendation from a dentist who makes money when people having rubbish teeth? I sense a conspiracy!

On the journey back home I pondered this further trying to think of other products that have and invested interest in what people purchased which could have a hidden benefit to their field of work.  Would I take recommendations from a burglar about my home security, I can see the wording on the side of the box reading “10 out of 10 burglars recommend these door locks” that sounds safe doesn’t it! One free pass right in to your house with its contents easily removable. So why do we trust dentists when they promote toothpastes when they make money from your rotten teeth!

Frankly as we have to pay to visit the dentist even with the NHS covering some of the bill for a check-up there are still there to make money otherwise what is the point in training for so many years, the only way to stay in business is to keep making money. So by this deduction I think those damn dentists are up to something, I don’t trust them! I have found my new quest in life, to find a toothpaste that has no mention to dentists or their dubious recommendations, here is a thought what about getting a recommendation by the teeth themselves…


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