Take away, never eating again! 🍲

Just last week I had to work a few hours longer than normal just to cover and out of hours event. The thought of coming home and cooking something when I had been on my feet for a stupid amount of hours became less and less appealing the closer I drove home. I realised directly in route back home I would be passing a good old fish and chip shop only five minutes away from home, felling super lazy it was the only option available to be as I had completely discounted the option of cooking for myself, it was just far too much effort.

To cut a long story short, I got it and went home. After unwrapping the fried goodness, I tucked and devoured almost half in record time, that’s when the first pangs of regret and the phrase that we all say to ourselves, “I’m never having this again” and another “I’ll leave this a while before I having this again” both of these being complete lies that which we tell ourselves as in some effort to be able to reassure that what we have just done is completely fine and that sludgy feeling of clogging arteries is nothing to worry about because it will all be flushed out of our systems before we ever attempt this ever again in the future.

Yeah that’s utter codswallop!

The next morning after what could be described as an interesting night sleep, needing to have a few litres of water next to the bed because the amount of salt consumed in one meal rivals that of the Red Sea coupled with the feeling that you have expanded several time your normal waste size making it uncomfortable to find a position to sleep in without flapping around hundreds of times a night, it was time to head down stairs and get ready to leave the house and of to make that journey to work again. I didn’t think it was possible to get a hanger over from food but here we are with the two matching symptoms from a good night out, dehydration and tiredness!

But is that left over cold chips on the kitchen side because your lazy and now fat arse could not be bothered to put them away the night before because you had to deal with a food baby? Why yes, yes it is. But you remember how you felt last night don’t you? Do you really even want to go there and attempt to eat them just to feel the same kind of rubbish but this time at work rather than at home in a comfy bed … come on your kidding me. The microwave goes “ping” in the background…

Yeah I’m never eating this again! 🍲




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