Park in the bloody lines! πŸš—

I don’t know how many time I have seen this and I’m sorry if this turns in to more of a rant but this gets on my nerves so much, if you can’t park with in the bloody lines then you should not be bloody driving!

It seems no matter where I go I will be plagued by those who never developed the primitive skills as a young child, colouring in between the lines. Now a child I could excuse, as they are only a small innocent proto-human without the fine dexterity commanding only a crayon with no risk what so ever to anybody other than the mild peril of treading on a dropped crayon on the floor and its accompanied clean up! But driving a car this is something you do require the skill of keeping it in-between the lines, you are now driving a massive heavy lump of metal which can go at least 70 miles per hour which requires training to use and drive legally. It’s pretty much night and day  

Now to my latest run in with those who didn’t manage to pick up the foundations from their youth of parking in the bloody lines was at my local supermarket. Granted, I did pick my shopping day on one of the hottest days of the year alongside what seems most of the world rushing in to get far too much BBQ food which would not be humanly possible to eat in one day let alone a week but they all rushed at the same just to grab the last sausage. What this boils down to is that there is limited spaces to park in so every space counts, we can’t just park where ever we want to like for example take up more than one bloody space!

While driving down each and every row looking for that elusive spot while dodging a rouge trolley, a mother and her kids running around and bloke in a white van taking no prisoners I came across what was a free space, I went for it. But all was not well, some massive turd in their turdy car parked across two spaces. So now I had to reverse back out again, what this looks like to the person behind who is also looking for a space is that I’m a rubbish driver that can’t park. I felt the mocking glares on the back of my head, just you wait you you’ll do the same thing!

Another time springs to mind. I took a turning off a normal road down a single track driveway to get to a business. Everything was a proper road meaning that it was paved and not some odd uniqueness that’s difficult to understand, simply no excuses to mess anything up. On the main road there are white car parking spaces clearly marked out far enough away from the junction, now what would you expect somebody to do? I would think that they should park fully in the space and not be a moron blocking the entrance and exit to the drive way… this is where my confirmation bias was proven, people are morons! I wanted to leave but I was obstructed by a white Vauxhall Astra that decided to park half out of the space allowing enough space for a motorbike to get between of the car and the brick wall but not a car!

After a fair amount of shall we say “interesting language” to myself over the next few minutes the owner of the car came back with a packet of cigarettes and a rather rough looking sandwich in hand. The driver looked my way and made a half arsed “oh my” face and hand wave before getting in the car and driving off … let me tell you, if my car were a tank or even a bulldozer he would have a moderately flatter car by now.

If you are one of these people who can’t look down at the ground once in a while when parking your car do us all a favour, stop driving, grab a colouring in book and keep practicing you might get it with a few years’ practice… maybe?


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